What our Customers Say…

Althea, I love love LOVE your cream. I have a scent allergy and was completely fine with the natural scents in this lotion. Normally I get headaches, nausea and skin irritation from scents and I had none of those with this product. It also left my skin supple and nourished. I can’t wait to see how fast this product flourishes! Keep up the great work! – Kearston L

I recently bought your cream and I just adore it …It’s the last thing I put on at night and the first thing I grab in the morning. It’s ‘peace of mind’ knowing that the ingredients are all natural, unlike a lot of products on the market. It’s awesome and I love knowing; who made it, what’s in it and that it’s safe for everyone in my family to enjoy. – Lucy G

You took it one notch higher with your scrub. The first day I used it, I almost ate it (it smells and, yes, tastes so good). I spent the entire day at a cottage and got the burn of my life. At the first sign of peeling I used your scrub. It helped to remove the peeling skin and the moisturizers made my skin feel incredible afterwards. Bottom line. No more peeling! – Lara

This cream (unscented) really helps relieve my dry painful cracked skin from eczema. I have tried many other topical products since childhood, both prescribed and off the shelf and also pure shea butter, and the Shea Essence body cream has been the most helpful. It is now my go-to skin cream. – Earle

I received this cream as a shower gift and have used it on my son since his birth. He is now 4 months old and hasn’t had diaper rash yet. And as a mom I love the texture and aroma of this baby cream. Awesome! – Christines13

Shea Essence Demerara Scrub is an incredible scrub. My face felt so smooth and supple after the first use. I especially love the tingly feel of my face and I’ve misakenly got some in my mouth. Yum! Demerara brown sugar for your face. What a FANTASTIC product! – Debbie Kennedy

I really like using Shea Essence because it smells appealing, it leaves my skin glowing and soft. I only need to use a little bit at a time. – Theresa

This cream is truly excellent! My skin is very sensitive and I also suffer from eczema. I have also noticed that this year in particular, due to allergies I have developed dry patches on my skin and hives. I started using Shea Essence and what a difference. Shea Essence not only helped clear up skin it also helped soothe the itching and burning sensation. I also use Shea Essence as a protective barrier for my skin against allergens and pollutants. – Raine

This is an excellent product! I am a male with oily skin and desperately needed a product that would moisturize without making my skin oily which is a common problem with many store bought creams. Althea is extremely knowledgeable and recommended using clay soap in conjunction with Shea Essence. The result is more even toned skin that is less oily and more balanced. Shea essence also has a light, almost citrus aroma that has a very calming effect and is gender neutral unlike some commercial moisturizers that are too highly perfumed. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a great, naturally based skin moisturizer and for guys who want a great shaving balm. – Thane

This product is fantastic. I too experience eczema and have had little success with other creams and lotions. Most of the creams and lotions I tried have so many irritants which caused further aggrevation to the eczema. When I tried Shea Essence on a small area I really was surprised that I didn’t feel the usual initial irritating sensation and applied Shea Essence to a larger area. My eczema patches have reduced in size and it feels so good to have this skin condition slowly getting the results that make my life a little easier. It has been a wonderful product for me…absolutely amazing for cuticles and very dry skin on my heels too. Althea you have a winning thing going on here! – Rosalia