Why is Shea Butter the main ingredient?

Shea butter is a stable type of fat that has many fatty chains that is beneficial to the skin. It has a great shelf life and has great nutrients to nourish the skin. One of the many beauties of Shea Butter is that it easily absorbed by the skin and doesn’t clog the pores.

What temperature should the cream be stored at?

The cream should be stored in a cool place. If it is left in heat, it will melt. It will solidify again but the texture may change. The great thing is the effect is still nourishing.

Will the cream help with sunburn or irritation from the heat?

Yes. Comfrey and Neem are great for soothing and healing skin irritations such as sunburn, skin rash or peeling from the sun. The Peppermint provides a nice cooling effect.

Can you use product on babies?

Every ingredient has been carefully chosen to be used on all skin types, including babies.

Are you using environmentally friendly methods and materials to make your product?

All the ingredients selected for each product are either organic or in its purest form. We are very passionate about supplying our customers with nutrient dense sources and doing what we can to support Mother Earth.

If the cream is accidentally ingested by a baby, is it harmful?

No, if the cream is ingested, it will not create a poisonous reaction. All ingredients in the cream are ingestible friendly.

Given the product is 100% natural, what is the shelf life?

Olive oil and grapefruit seed extract are phenomenal natural preservatives. While it is encouraged to use the cream right away, the cream has up to a year shelf life. That being said, once you try …it won’t last that long!

Can you use your product as lip balm or hair conditioner?

Absolutely, some customers love the fact that it is as nourishing in their hair as it on their skin!

Does your product provide any sun protection?

Shea Essence has natural SPF (Sun Protection Factor) but it is highly encouraged to use additional SPF along with the cream.