Cilantro Purifies Water??

Cilantro is an ancient herb that served its many talents in many dishes from all around the world. One of the beauties about it besides the many nutrients it offers our palette and our body, is the ability to purify water.

By adding a few sprigs of cilantro to your drinking water, you will actually help to pull out metals like mercury from the water and your system. Mercury is known to create memory issues like Dementia later down the road.
When metals are in our body, it creates large amounts of toxicity which is harmful to our organs and contributes to various illnesses like cardiovascular issues, arthritis and it can also weaken our bone density that can lead to osteoporosis.

Benefits like Vitamin K are essential for the formation of healthy blood clots especially in cases of getting cuts and excessive bleeding. It also supports our bones. Vitamin A which is also found in delicious cilantro helps to support our eyes, skin and works as an anti-inflammatory response.

So, whether you add it to your salads, hot dishes, water or even make juice from it, cilantro is a hit all around!!!!!