Great Tips for Healthy Delicate Skin..

There is so much information that is shared with us regarding caring for our skin. I find these tips helpful without being overwhelming!

Avoid ingredients that dry out the skin. This strips the skin of its natural oils which helps with moisture and preventing dry skin. An example is alcohol based products.

Read the labels. Learn and research the ingredients. We should be able to pronounce the ingredients and easily research it if we are not familiar with its function.

Alot of companies will market products a certain way for more sales. Be mindful of what the products are, the features and benefits. Your skin should feel nourished after using a product. It would feel similar to having a great nourishing meal.

A balanced diet of whole foods will do wonders for the skin and the body which work hand in hand. Green leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes are great to add to the diet.
We can enjoy foods that we may know are more refined from time to time but a nutrient dense diet is the goal!

Healthy fats are also beneficial to supporting to our body and will help with moisture and elasticity for our skin.
Fish oils, Flax or hemp seed oil is amazing options for daily use.