Say Yes to Strip Coffee Scrub…

While we know that diet can play a big part on improving various skin conditions, using wonderful things topically that allows us to emit what we don’t need and take in what we do need which is incredible.

This scrub does exactly what it says. It strips the old to bring in the new!!!
Think about finding a solution, to exfoliate, smooth, remove dead skin and this is start of what Strip can do for you!!
This is also magical on breaking down cellulite and encouraging great circulation!!!
This is a hidden gem to remove the toughest of blemishes while smoothing out the skin. Fair trade coffee grounds mixed with aromatic oils to bring your skin back to life!!

So we covered what to use to turbo boost our skin! Now let’s talk about Sage oil!!!
This gem that is a part of the mint family is a great antiseptic, anti-microbial and a great anti-inflammatory. Great to soothe skin and bring radiance and freshness back to the skin!!
These two are the dynamic duo and can really nourish the skin. Great for all the seasons and can definitely wake your skin up from the winter blues!!!