Kissed by the Sun

Our Sun is beautiful and has many nutrients for mother Earth as well as our bodies.

Kissed By The SunA key benefit of the sun, aside from how amazing it can feel when a ray bounces off our skin, is Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is essential for our day to day function and it comes naturally from sun rays. One of the main benefits of Vitamin D is that it is a co-factor for Calcium – and helps the body to upload Calcium to our bloodstream. Without these two essential minerals, many things our bodies would be compromised.

Too much sun would be considered more sun bathing which is less encouraged due to the change of the environment, our shift in the way our food may be harvested with unnatural fertilization. Certain medications for various health conditions and products that are used for skin care also recommend less sun exposure.

So remember, drink lots of water to keep the body hydrated and embrace a little sunshine. It feels great.

The Sun is not our enemy – but instead a blessing and we can be kissed by it. This is far different from bathing in it. Enjoy!

The Shea Essence Team