A favorite antioxidant Super Fighter is Cacao. Those familiar with Cacao would consider it a Super Food and rightfully so… Cacao has a lot to offer.

Cacao PowderThis intense chocolate wonder is abundant with nutrients such as, serotonin (also called our happy hormone) that helps support the brain and promote great sleep, it aids with PMS symptoms – yes ladies, you can actually have a chocolate fix that will aid in your symptoms and not exacerbate them. It is great for relaxation and of course it’s fabulous for the skin.

Cacao is not the same as hot cocoa, or hot chocolate offered in large supermarkets, or in typical cafes. Cacao in its true form is quite bitter and one may not find it so palatable on its own. Cocoa powder typically has dairy and sugar added to it so that should help with the distinction. Cacao comes in a few different forms such as, chocolate bars, nibbs, or the powder. These are available at most health food stores and some supermarkets.

Cacao is great for our internal systems and superior for skin care. This is one of the active ingredients in the Shea Essence Demerara Scrub as it is high in the enzymes needed to fight off free radicals – Zinc and Sulphur, which are amazing healing aids for damaged skin cells. It is powerful Super Food for acquiring beautiful skin or simply maintaining it.

The scrub is quite gentle and can be used on a daily basis. Recommended for use at night to start the relaxation process before bedtime. With Cacao and Lavender as some of the wonderful ingredients, you are bound to have a great sleep!

The Shea Essence Team