4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Skin

Getting great skin is not that difficult. Some of us have been blessed with great genes, but even if your skin is average you can still make it smooth, supple and attractive by allocating a little time daily and knowing what to do.

1. Do not wash your skin too much. To some this may seem counter-intuitive but it makes sense. The water we use has chemicals and is usually quite hard. It robs our skin of nature’s moisturizer. The body is designed to naturally keep the skin moist and supple. When we over-wash using hard water we are constantly drying the skin.

2. Because of hard-water and other industrial by-products our skin will need some help re-moisturizing. Use a daily moisturizer or a good scrub with or followed by a moisturizer. This will allow you to get rid of old skin and keep the new skin supple and looking healthy.

3. All things in moderation especially for very fair-skinned folk, but spend a little time in the Sun. The Sun has natural healing properties – Vitamin D and E and helps to stimulate folicular nerve endings. Make sure not to over do it – do not stay in the sun until your skin is burnt.

4. Finally, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetable. Especially bright coloured vegetables.

The Shea Essence Team